Eleanor Roosevelt once said:
“You must do the thing you
think you cannot do.”
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Our Core Values
Our Purpose
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Transforming Organizations by Empowering People

Empower Coach Concepts (ECC) focuses its learning and research to empower people to become purposeful in their lives, thus influencing the performance improvements, the breakthroughs and the transformations of their respective employer-organizations.

ECC enhances them to reinvent – to see their frames of reference, thinking, and behavior – which in turn make them realize how they produce unintended consequences. The mastermind team behind ECC co-creates with people for a fundamental shift to bring “inspired awareness“– the foundation for performance transformation which in turn brings sustainable results.

The Mastermind Team

Florence Lam Kam Goo and Rajiv Mathews George, both certified coaches, are life-time students of the success philosophy of Dr Napoleon Hill. Even as on-going students, they knew that the power of Master Mind was working in and through them to bring together their similar vision and purpose to “empower people into greatness”.

They combine their life experiences, expertise, learnings and research to co-create powerfully inspiring programs for their coachees. They also integrate proven coaching methodologies to activate and accelerate thought processes and feeling responses, which result in inspired-action and intended-results.

Our Purpose
The ultimate purpose of our business is to serve everyone by Empowering The Greatness Within.

Our Vision
Our vision of a perfect business is “Everyone moves forward to Wholeness”.

Our Mission
We intend to achieve our vision by :
  • Engaging individuals and organizations with our life empowerment coaching initiatives that integrate our core principles, Manifesting Your Destiny (MYD)
  • Becoming role models of MYD principles in our daily lives
  • Continuous learning and sharing our experiences for constant growth.
Our Facilitators

  Rajiv Mathews George CPCarrow

Rajiv Mathews is an established consultant-coach focused in learning and innovating performance methodologies and applications in the areas of individual, business and organization growth.


Florence Lam  CFP, RFP, CPC arrow

Florence has a passion for helping people experience life-changing "aha" moments having had many of her own. What does she do? She coaches people how to think. Why? Because all of our circumstances are an outgrowth of the way we think.


Our Core Values


We focus on the process, which is propelled by the natural order of things, i.e. - like attracts like, love attracts love, integrity attracts integrity – which emanates from our beingness. Thus our end (goal) is inherent in the means (process).


We understand, accept, appreciate and forgive in all our relationships, including personal and professional.

We are impeccable in our words, and use the power of words in the direction of truth and love.

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