Eleanor Roosevelt once said:
“You must do the thing you
think you cannot do.”
Welcome to Empower Coach Concepts


Transforming Organizations by Empowering People Through
Thought and Action Management

The success of any organization is directly related to the accomplishment and fulfillment of its people who are the corporate asset. For any business to thrive, its people must do the same… Organizations don’t perform….people do. And it is easier than you think…… to have happy, well-adjusted, innovative and inspired people.

Offering a unique blend of coaching, Rajiv Mathews and Florence Lam, both certified coaches focus on coaching “why people have to  do what they are doing” in their organization instead of only dealing with the “hows” which are techniques and procedures. Our clients who understand and adopt inspiration-based business and lives can begin to tap in to the highest potential of their organization.


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