Eleanor Roosevelt once said:
“You must do the thing you
think you cannot do.”
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Harrison Assessments International provides proven tools to assist in the selection, recruitment and development of employees.

We offer easy to use tools that allow you to match individual traits, preferences and competencies to your position requirements and team dynamics. We can incorporate your company’s values and culture into these tools – for the purpose of employee selection, development and retention.

Our tools allow you to leverage the strengths of your potential and existing employees and discover the hidden paradoxes or inconsistencies that can impact job performance and satisfaction.

Integrate the results of the HA behavioural assessment with your assessment of experience, education, skills, as well as the interview results.

Assessment enables an organization to measure various related factors such as an individual's experience, education, skills, and behaviour. This information is typically obtained through interviews and/or other assessment methodologies; however these various factors are rarely systematically formulated into a final assessment result. Harrison Assessments now provides the technology to systematically weight and integrate eligibility (experience and education), the HA behavioural assessment, and your interview results into one system. Harrison Assessments generates easy to understand graphical and narrative reports based upon your specific requirements and the results of the behavioural assessment, interview, and eligibility evaluation.

The HA behavioural assessment integrates six key behavioural assessments into one comprehensive behavioural assessment. Thus, it achieves a much greater ability to ACCURATELY predict behaviour and job success. The integrated HA behavioural assessment includes each of the following:

  • Values Inventory
  • Interest Inventory
  • Task Preferences Inventory
  • Personal Honesty Assessment
  • Work Environment Preferences
  • Personality/Motivation Assessment
  • Leverage our world-wide research

The Harrison Assessments system is much more than sophisticated technology and breakthrough theory. Our extensive world-wide performance research identifies the key traits related to performance for a wide variety of positions and behavioural competencies. Consequently, we are able to provide our clients with clear and accurate information about the traits that create success for different types of positions.

Harrison Assessments has had more than twenty separate validation studies showing an average of 85-90% predictive accuracy. Accuracy levels are typically greater than costly assessment centres and achieve correlation coefficients of greater than .3. This far exceeds personality tests which are well documented to reach correlation coefficients of less than .1 (only 55-60% accuracy - 50% can be achieved with a guess!). HA's validation studies have covered a wide range of positions from senior-level management to entry-level employees. Complete documentation is available.

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