Eleanor Roosevelt once said:
“You must do the thing you
think you cannot do.”
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Harrison Assessments overcomes one of the greatest obstacles to accurate behavioural assessment - obtaining reliable responses from the person being assessed.

Through Paradox methodology, we can determine aspects of an individual's behaviour that might be counter-productive without directly asking about those tendencies. Such questions are almost never answered truthfully. Through analyzing balancing factors, the paradox methodology enables us to see fine distinctions in organizational behaviour. For example, Paradox methodology can determine the likelihood a person's frankness could become bluntness, the likelihood a person's initiative could extend to actions that are unauthorized and undesirable, or the likelihood a person's self-certainty could become dogmatic. (See Paradox Theory for further details).

Consistency: Certification ensures corporate procedures and processes are maintained and that an individual or organization complies with recognized standards.

It uses up to 150+ traits, including Task Preferences, Work Environments Preferences, Leadership, Decision Making Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Personality Balance, Attitudes, Motivation and Interest , together with an effective consistency detection technology , resulting in a PREDICTIVE SUCCESS of over 85%.

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Complete customization for your company values and specific position requirements

The Harrison Assessments technology is completely customizable. You can assess employees or candidates against your specific position requirements. Or, you can assess employees or candidates against your specific behavioural competencies or core values. Thus, your own terminology and methodology is seamlessly integrated into our reports and system. A free trial of our customization methodology will be arranged at your request.

Our world-wide network of senior consultants will help you customize the system to meet your specific needs. We start by assessing your key performance factors and skill requirements. We work together with you to designate the importance of different assessment results including eligibility, behavioural assessment, and interviewing.

To help formulate the behavioural requirements, we analyze the position in relationship to our world-wide body of research that identifies the traits that produce top performance for a wide variety of different requirements. Once your behavioural requirements are determined, a complete set of behavioural interviewing questions are automatically generated relating to your specific behavioural requirements.

At the interview you can finalize your eligibility assessment as well as your behavioural interviewing assessment. The eligibility and behavioural interviewing results can then be input into the system. This process enables you to obtain a complete and integrated report based on eligibility, interviewing and behavioural assessment.

The overall assessment provides a final score - the probability of success.


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