Eleanor Roosevelt once said:
“You must do the thing you
think you cannot do.”
Success Stories

What Our Clients Are Saying
" The workshop is fantastic & very much different from similar courses that I have attended previously. I would like to thank you for sharing the information and experience " KL Chin
"Love thought gives me the idea to counter negativity & concentrate on positive things " Shamsuddin
" I understand full Intent is equal to 100% result " LL Tan
" I am grateful for the opportunity to be in your class for the 2nd time " Evelyn
" It is a great overwhelming experience. Thank you! " Magdalene
" I am grateful that I was able to come and attend although at first I wasn't sure what I was getting myself into. I will put into practice what was taught and shared " Taryn
" Entertaining & thought provoking. Very useful for my personal & business development " Simon
" Thank you for asking me to make that call " Anthony Lye
" A Big thanks to the Facilitators for giving me the opportunity to write my first love letter to myself and to dream for the first time what I will be at 70 years " Daniel Lee
" The session was fantastic. All the messages were delivered precisely. Thank you so much as I learned and enjoyed it " Ramachandran
" Great !!! " Azhar
" Thank you very much for the wonderful session. I came with minimal expectation but gained tremendously……… love both of you " Zainul
" I am grateful and thankful that I have attended this session. It gives me understanding of the law of vibration and attraction more than before. Moreover I learned to apply “to intent” to manifest my dreams or on any actions I want " Razana
" I have numerous coaching classes such as 7 Habits of Effective People and Professional Selling Skills (PSS). Overall I think this is the best one to guide me through my journey. I believe I can achieve my dream of my life now " CY Ng
" Thank you very much for sharing MYD concepts in a practical manner especially when you shared your real life experiences " EU Ong
" I find this beneficial and I want my sister to attend this workshop " Julie
" A good combination of 2 facilitators working together well to deliver clear a message. It really sent me home after first day to think and make some decision for myself and not to tell anymore victim story. I must take ownership of my life and not become a goal of someone's life ! " WF Cheong
" Good insight of knowing myself better and what to do to achieve my dream " Donald
" Very good ! I'm much aware of lots of things, thoughts and how to manifest " Clare Loo
" Rajiv and Florence – you are great inspirers and great teachers. Thank you ! " WH Tang
" Interesting ! It helps to remind and ensure my manifestation on the right alignment. Clearer picture. Intend to have another session." Mohan
" Very good ! I have more pictures on how to manifest my destiny " SG Tan

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